Adoptable Horses

Thank you for considering a rescue equine as your new family member.
Our goal is to find a loving forever home for each of our horses.  Here’s up-front information you should have before you consider participating in our adoption program.

Do not call to inquire about a horse, we need the application completed so we can recommend the appropriate horse for you. Fill out an application and we will contact you within 7 to 10 days.


  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Since horses are gregarious and need companionship, if you don’t already have a horse or pony, goats, donkeys or a cow/steer will make a good companion.
  • If a problem should occur at any time, we are ready to help and, if necessary, resume ownership of the horse.
  • Please fill out an application if you are interested in one of our horses.
Three things must occur before you begin fostering a horse.
  • You must complete an adoption application, and Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary must approve it.  Click here for our online adoption application.
  • You must come to the sanctuary and meet/socialize with the horse you’re considering.
  • Sixteen Hands will conduct a home visit in order to see where the horse will be living.

We invite you to view our available horses, and if you spot one you think you just can’t live without, we look forward to meeting you.


Breed: Appendix
Gender: Mare
Height: 14.2
Estimated age: 21 years
Color: Sorrel
Intake date:
Suitability: Companion only
Adoption fee: $1000




Hi, I’m Gypsy, also known as Caroline’s Secretariat, and I come from a long line of famous racehorses. Despite my distinguished lineage, my true charm lies in my sweet temperament. I adore people, food, and being groomed. Although I haven’t been trained for riding, I’m still valuable as a companion for another equine friend. With no health issues, I’m halter trained and easy to groom, bathe and load. However, I’m looking for an experienced owner who uses relationship-based horsemanship to help me achieve my full potential.

Please consider giving me a forever home full of love and attention!

Yours truly,


Breed: Other
Gender: Mare
Estimated age: 21 years
Intake date:
Suitability: Companion only
Adoption fee:  $1000




Hello there, I’m Savannah, I’m only 24-years-old and the lead mare in my herd. I am a very confident girl and have mastered the basics of leading, bathing, and having my hooves trimmed. But I know I am capable of so much more than that. I believe I can be a wonderful partner to someone who understands me. Once I trust and respect you, I will give you the world. If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an application through the link below.

I’d love to have a person of my own to spoil me and go on adventures.



Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15 hands
Estimated age: 14 years
Color: Bay
Intake date: 4/2021
Suitability: Companion Only
Adoption Fee: $1000




Hi I’m Tonka, nice to meet you!

I am a good boy, I like being groomed, and get along well with other horses, both boys and girls. I have a condition called DSLD, Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Disease. It means the ligaments in my back legs are weak and stretch too far so I cannot be ridden. I am not in pain and can run and play like a normal horse. I’d make a great companion for a horse you already have or I’m sure one of my pasture mates would love to come with me:-) I enjoy getting hosed off in the summer, stand well for the farrier, and I don’t mind getting in a trailer. I go into a stall to eat my breakfast in the morning and then spend the rest of my time out with my buddies or hanging out with my favorite humans. I currently eat free choice grass hay out in the pasture (stalling me would not be good for my ligaments or mental fitness.)

Thanks for considering me as a family member.





Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Mare
Height: 13 hands
Estimated age: 14 years
Color: Red Roan
Intake date: 8/2022
Suitability: Companion Only
Adoption Fee: $1000


Hello there! My name is Chili and I am a very friendly horse. However, I do have a tendency to be a bit bossy. So, I need someone who is friendly but firm to keep me in check. I get along well with other horses and could be a great companion for your existing horse. Or, if you prefer, one of my pasture mates could come along with me.

You may want to know that I have a condition called DSLD, which means that I cannot be ridden due to weak ligaments in my back legs. But don’t worry, I am not in any pain and can run and play like any other horse.

I am quite easy to maintain, too! I only require a small amount of feed to balance out my vitamins and minerals due to my slow metabolism. I go into a stall to eat my breakfast, but I spend most of my time out in the pasture grazing on hay or socializing with my favorite humans.

Thank you for considering me as your new family member.