Adoptable Horses

Thank you for considering a rescue equine as your new family member.
Our goal is to find a loving forever home that’s an excellent “fit” for each of our adoptable horses.  We believe the best way to do that is to provide an opportunity for a potential adopter to foster his/her selected horse for a certain amount of time.  During the foster period, the suitability of the placement can be determined by the foster, Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary, and the horse!  If all three parties agree after the foster period, an adoption is finalized.
Here’s up-front information you should have before you consider participating in our foster-to-adopt program.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Since horses are gregarious and need companionship, you must already own at least one equine.
  • We practice natural horsemanship at the sanctuary, and our horses are in various stages of development in that approach.  We’re looking to find potential adopters who either already follow the principles of natural horsemanship or are willing to learn.
  • We keep in close touch with our fosters, and we stay connected even after a horse has been adopted.  If a problem should occur at any time, we are ready to help and, if necessary, resume ownership of the horse.
  • Our adoption fee varies by horse, but considering the financial commitment that an owner must make over the lifetime of a horse, it isn’t high.
  • Please fill out an application if you are interested in one of our horses.
Three things must occur before you begin fostering a horse.
  • You must complete a foster-to-adopt application, and Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary must approve it.  Click here for our online foster-to-adopt application.
  • You must come to the sanctuary and meet/socialize with the horse you’re considering.
  • Sixteen Hands will conduct a home visit in order to see where the horse will be living and meet any family members who didn’t come to the sanctuary for the meet-and-greet.
If you’d like to see our agreements, click here for the foster-to-adopt agreement and click here for the adoption agreement.

We love the horses we’ve rescued, but while we provide quality care and a great deal of TLC, nothing can replace a forever home and family.  We invite you to view our available horses, and if you spot one you think you just can’t live without, we look forward to meeting you.


Do not call to inquire about a horse.  Fill out an application and we will contact you within 7 to 10 days.

Gypsy ~ Appendix Mare

Gypsy, 21 years old, is a way-down-the-line descendant of a famous racehorse.  But that isn’t what makes her special.  She loves people and attention!   We’re currently evaluating Gypsy for saddle work and tying, but she’s halter-trained and does well with hoof-trimming, loading, and bathing.  While we’re hoping for a natural horsemanship home for all of our adoptable horses, it’s a requirement for Gypsy.

Adoption Fee:  $500





Holy Toledo ~ Miniature Horse Gelding

Holy Toledo is a youthful and energetic 12-year-old.  As his name suggests, he’s a spunky little guy.  In fact, he’s personality plus.  He loves to play with his two miniature buddies and the larger horses too!  Holy Toledo is a confident and curious character that will make someone a great little horse.   He leads, loads, ties, stands for the farrier.

Adoption Fee: $500.00



Jolie ~ Thoroughbred Mare

Jolie is a 13 year old Thoroughbred Mare.  She is a quiet girl. If she has raced in the past you wouldn’t know it because she is super chill and sweet. Her former owners rode her but we have not evaluated her yet.

Adoption Fee: $500.00



Savannah ~ Grade Mare

Savannah, 21 years old, is an exceptionally confident horse who’s the lead mare in her herd.  She has the basics down pat (leading, bathing, having her hooves trimmed), but she’s capable of so much more.  Savannah will make someone a wonderful partner because once she trusts and respects you, she will give you the world.  While we’re hoping for a natural horsemanship home for all of our adoptable horses, it’s a requirement for Savannah.

Adoption Fee: $500


Uncle D ~ Miniature/Shetland Gelding

Uncle D is 16 years old.  This little guy is very sweet and would love a family of his own.  He’s an easy keeper and can lead, load, tie, and have his hooves trimmed without any trouble at all.  


Adoption Fee: $500