Diablo’s Story

This is such a heartwarming story…  Diablo’s Story

We have had a record number of horses needing homes this year.  To date we have rescued 14!  So in August of this year I posted a picture of Diablo, a 26 year old paint, and two other horses on our Facebook page, and also shared it to a local Facebook group page in hopes of getting some donations and support from our local community.  While we didn’t get many donations, something much better happened.

Diablo’s current owner needed to rehome him due to her life circumstances changing; she just had a baby and has a toddler at her side. She contacted me in August to see if we could take him.  I agreed to take him, and a few days later posted the photo.

Someone on the local Facebook group saw the post with Diablo and recognized him!  She tagged her friend Sarah, Diablo’s previous owner from many years ago, who then contacted me.

Turns out Sarah had to give him up years ago, also due to life circumstances, and had recently been trying to find Diablo again with no luck.

Long story short, Diablo is now back with Sarah, his original owner, to live out his life with someone who knows and loves him.

Diablo is home.