Hailey ~ Quarter Horse Mare

This is Hailey.  Her owner told me that she couldn’t keep weight on her unless she fed her expensive supplements and that she wasn’t able to prevent the other horses (who weren’t starving) from eating her food.  The only “truth” that was told was that she was a very sweet, gentle kids’ horse.  She’s a favorite among the volunteers.

Hailey today at age 33.  She is currently on daily medication to slow the growth of the cancer in her left eye and will eventually lose the sight in the eye.  Just as people age and have aches and pains so do horses.  Hailey has some arthritis in her hocks but is still waiting at the gate every morning and afternoon for breakfast and dinner and although she’d prefer to just “hangout” this old girl is also spry enough to run around with the other “young” horses.