We know that sometimes, through no fault of their own, horse owner’s face financial difficulties and may need some temporary help to get through a rough period.  With the recent lockdowns of business many people are struggling with day to day expenses.

Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary would like for all horses to stay with their owners and live a happy and healthy life.  To that end we have an emergency care fund to help in these situations.

You can apply for assistance with grain, hay, dental care, hoof care, gelding and wellness  and emergency medical treatments.  If necessary, we can also help with humane euthanasia expenses.. This is done on a case by case basis as long as we have funds available to help. 

Click here to apply. SHHS Hand-Up Application

Click here to donate to the fund. Donate to SHHS Hand-Up Fund

Applicants must show a history of past responsible care of the horse(s) through vet recommendations, farrier recommendations, etc.