April 8, 2022

Romeo ~ Quarter Horse Gelding

Romeo came from the Orlando area, his young 14 year old owner had to have brain surgery and the family decided they couldn’t keep him while concentrating on her recovery.  He was being housed at a boarding facility and they were not taking care of him properly. He was underweight and his feet were a bit of a mess.

He is gaining weight and we are getting his feet back on track so he will be comfortable.  He has some intermittent lameness issues in his hind end that we need to investigate further, but for now he is doing well.


Kola, Sunny, Nikki and Penny

Kola is the red and white gelding, Sunny is the bay mare with her tail to us, Nikki is the black mare next to Kola, and Penny is the little pony.  They all came from the panhandle of Florida. These guys are all in their mid to upper twenties, Kola may be in his thirties.
Their original owner was elderly and could no longer care for them so a family member took them in until a home could be found. Unfortunately, the family did not feed and care for them appropriately in the year that they had them so all but one were extremely underweight when they arrived.  A friend of the family reached out to us (she told us we were the only ones that didn’t say no immediately) and two weeks later they were on their way here.
All of them have skin issues that we are working on and very bad ground manners, they are extremely pushy and the pony is defensive, but nothing we can’t fix with time.  I’m happy to say they are all gaining weight and enjoying their new home.

Chi-Chi ~ Paso Fino Mare

Chi-Chi is a 30 something year old Paso Fino. Her owner had to move out of state and has been trying since February to find a new home. It’s very difficult to rehome horses of her age so she was having no luck finding her a good home. When I called to say we could take her, she was so thankful because she had made an appointment to have her euthanized the very next day!  It may sound harsh that she was going to have her put down, but it is so easy for a horse like that to end up at an auction and onto a slaughter truck.  We are so thankful that we were able to help all of these horses.