Rescue and Rehab
SHHS offers a lifetime home where abuse and neglect are a thing of the past.
Click on the links below to read the full stories of some of the horses we have rescued.

leo-thoroughbred-gelding-rescue-horse-florida-story-21Leo ~ Thoroughbred Gelding

We found Leo in a cow pasture.  He had been left to die a ‘natural’ death (according to the owner).  I couldn’t let him stay out there and starve to death without trying to do something help him.  It is so unfair that this beautiful, intelligent, sensitive creature, who gave so much in his lifetime to his humans, wasn’t even given the comfortable retirement or humane euthanasia that he deserved.  Click here to see Leo’s full horse rescue story…

mare-rescue-horse-florida-story-penelope-1Penelope ~ Quarter Horse (?) Mare

Penelope’s previous owner had put a stallion in with her and several other mares in an effort to breed them.   Fortunately, she did not become pregnant.   Penelope is what I would consider a feral horse with human issues.   Click here to see Penelope’s full horse rescue story…

standardbred-mare-rescue-horse-florida-story-daisy-1Daisy ~ Standardbred Mare

Daisy is one of three horses we purchased from a local gentleman.  Penelope was also one of the three.   Daisy was pregnant when we took her in.   She’s a very gentle, quiet mare.   Click here to see Daisy’s full horse rescue story…

anglo-arab-rescue-horse-florida-story-willow-2Willow ~ Anglo Arab Mare

This is Willow the morning after she arrived at SHHS.   She was found in a cow pen, hock deep in mud.   When I got there she was down and nearly unresponsive.   After a dose of Banamine, a quick call to our vet, and then a call to her owner (who was out of town), within 20 minutes she was up and ready to travel to the sanctuary.   Click here to see Willow’s full horse rescue story…

quarterhorse-mare-rescue-horse-florida-story-hailey-1Hailey ~ Quarter Horse Mare

This is Hailey. Her owner told me that she couldn’t keep weight on her unless she fed her expensive supplements and that she wasn’t able to prevent the other horses (who weren’t starving) from eating her food.   The only “truth” that was told was that she was a very sweet, gentle “kids'” horse.   She’s a lovely girl.  Click here to see Hailey’s full horse rescue story..

Ivy ~ Quarter Horse Mare

When I finally found the property; I pulled off the side of the road onto the shoulder to wait for the sheriff’s deputy.  I had received a call earlier in the day that there were two horses that were in pretty bad shape and needed help.

The place wasn’t the absolute wreck that I am used to seeing when rescuing a neglected horse and for a minute I wondered where the horses were being kept. 

Directly in front of me was a small dirt paddock that was surrounded by sagging barbed wire fence.  The gate to the pen opened out onto an area of decent grass that was not fenced.  As I was running my eyes around the place a movement caught my eye.  Out of the shade of a tree in the corner of the dirt paddock stepped a big yellow horse.   My first thought was, “why did the horse stay in the dirt when the gate was open with access to all that grass?”  Then I saw the reason she couldn’t leave.  She was tied to the tree with a rope around her neck. 

When she finally came all the way out of the shadows and into the sun; I could clearly see every bone in her body!  
Click here to see the rest of Ivy’s story.