Daisy’s Story

Daisy ~ Standardbred Mare

Daisy is one of three horses we had to purchase to get them out of a horrible situation.  Penelope was also one of the three.  Daisy was pregnant when we took her in.  She’s a very gentle, quiet mare who used to earn her living as a race horse.  When she couldn’t race any longer she was “given away” to a good home.  This person couldn’t keep her and she was passed on to another home, which is where we found her and rescued her.

After several years with us, Daisy moved to a foster home to become a pasture mate for another horse.   Five years later, Daisy returned to the sanctuary with her new friend.


Here she is "slightly" pregnant with her colt, Scutter.

Here she is “slightly” pregnant with her colt, Scutter.

This is Scutter at less than 24 hours old. “Scutter” means to scurry and scamper about, and he definitely lives up to his name.


Got milk?

Got milk?

Here he is at 6 months. Isn’t he a cutie?
He looks just like his mom!