Sponsor a Horse ~ Save a Life

Have you always wanted a horse of your own?  Don’t have the time or the space to keep one?  Our sponsor program makes your dream a reality and makes the sanctuary horses’ reality a dream come true.

Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary is a safe place for the horses to live out their lives without the worry of a missed meal, solitary confinement or mental and physical abuse.  You can help these forgotten horses!

Our “sponsor a horse” program is an annual sponsorship.  For only $100.00 a month you can help save the horse of your choice.

Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the care of “your horse,” but you will also receive our monthly e-newsletter as well as updates and status reports on your horse.  

These horses need sponsors!

Consider co-sponsoring a special needs horse!

Pixie, Gracie and Luna have a condition called Heaves, it is a chronic airway obstruction  that is an allergic reaction caused by the horse inhaling particles that obstruct the airways and make it very difficult to breathe.  All three of these lovely horses have a very hard time breathing without medication.  YOU can help us provide the much need medication by offering to sponsor or co-sponsor one of these sweet souls. 



These LUCKY HORSES have sponsors…

These LUCKY HORSES are being forever-fostered…

To sponsor your horse:

  1. Select the horse you would like to sponsor from the pictures above.  Click on the “DONATE HERE” button below and follow the instructions.
  2. On the “review payment” screen in the “add special instructions to merchant” section, please indicate the horse you would like to sponsor.  If it is a gift or going to a different address than the billing address of the credit card, please indicate that in this section also.

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