Tater needs a home.

This past August Cathy and I were going to do a special fundraising event in Venice and decided to take the back roads through Hardee and Desoto counties to get to our destination.  About 10 minutes into our drive down a very rural two lane road we spotted Tater walking down the center of the road.  I stopped and called her over to the truck. Thankfully, she came right over and tried to jump in the back seat, she was too weak to make it on her own so I hoisted her up..  As I was getting her into the back seat two semi trucks hauling sod flew by us, barley slowing down!  I know they would have probably not seen her in time and hit her if we hadn’t got there first.

Since we had an obligation to go to the event, we took Tater with us. She slept the entire ride from Ona to Venice.  She had obviously been out on her own for quite a while because she was terribly thin, and the pads of her paws were raw and burnt from the cement.  It’s amazing she was alive, this was a very rural swampy area where we found her. Surprisingly, she didn’t have fleas but had some small wounds all over her body and was in heat!

Tater is a high energy playful puppy.  The vet estimates that she is around two years old.  She loves riding in a side by side or any type of vehicle.  She even jumped in a garden cart because it had wheels!   She has gained 15lbs since we rescued her.  We just recently had her spayed and she is up to date on all of her vaccinations, is microchipped and ready to go to a home with a family that has an active lifestyle. She’s good with other dogs, we have not had her around cats.  She is learning some manners and how to go to her “place”.  

Please help us find a good home for her.  She cannot stay here.  If you would like to adopt her please contact me at 941-228-5441.  If you can’t adopt, please spread the word and help us find the perfect home for this beautiful pup!   


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