SHHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit humane organization.  We exist solely on the generous donations of corporations, community groups, and individuals.

This page is dedicated to those of you who have supported the sanctuary by donating funds and/or services during 2019.  Thank you!



Perfect Pool Service
Sarasota Classic Car Museum
The Autobutler, Inc.
Teri McKee, Equine Dentist
Tom Lehmann, Farrier

Sarasota Equine Veterinary Services
Whispering Ranches Feed
Nancy Slater Natural Horsemanship
Cherie England, Trimmer

Horse Sponsors ($1200 per year) and
Horse Fosters (funds, time, and TLC)

See our Sponsor a Horse page for the names of these dedicated supporters.
Although they aren’t listed under Donors or Volunteers below, most of our sponsors and fosters donated to the 2019 Sixteen Hands Matching Challenge, and many are volunteers as well!


The donors listed below contributed $300 or more (and in some cases, a great deal more) in 2019! We also appreciate the many individuals who supported us with smaller donations.
Every contribution helps!

Carol Barnett
George Bennett
Karen Bennie
Robert Blair
Patricia Hackman
Lisa Hammond
Robert Hanson
Robert Harding

Bryan Hodges
Ron Jurgens
Jennifer Kelce
Curtis Liebert
Larry Liebert
Bev Meadows
Christina Meyers

William Montgoris
Matthew Noonan
Kimberley Pelyk
Nancy Schroeder
Ken Slaven
Betsy Wadas
JoAnn Yacono-Brandt


Below are 2019 volunteers who aren’t listed elsewhere but generously gave their time and talents to the sanctuary.

Danny Grey
Diane and John Griffin
Margo Miller
Cathy Schlief
Krystal and Nathan Showalter
Barb Walters

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